Sacramento Home Sleep Test

Avoid The Sleep Lab and Save Money with our Comprehensive Home Sleep Testing Service.

This is the best Sacramento Home Sleep Test available.


Sacramento Home Sleep Test AXG Sleep Diagnostics LLC

Cutting Edge Home Sleep Diagnostics – The Future of Sleep Testing

 There is a 3-4 month wait time to have an in lab sleep study in the Sacramento area.  During this time your health (or the health of a loved on) is deteriorating more.  The quality of life suffers when there is an unknown sleep disorder present.  A quicker diagnosis leads to quicker treatment.  Once a sleep disorder is treated appropriately, quality of life improves.

Are you tired of being tired?

Find out how we can help.  We are the only home sleep diagnostic company that offers a complete sleep study as if you were in a sleep lab!  Except you can have this testing completed in the comfort of your own home.

Benefits of an AXG Sleep Diagnostics Home Sleep Study

  • Sleep is tested in your normal sleep environment with your own bathroom, bed, pillow, linens, climate control…etc

  • Sleep is tested during your entire night of sleep, just just the first few hours like an in lab test.

  • No noise from other patients (slamming doors and snoring) that could effect your test results.

  • Avoid the 3 month wait time of most Sacramento Sleep Labs.

  • Much lower out of pocket cost for patients with private insurance.  We cost about 1/12th the price of an in lab sleep study.

  • All PPO Insurances Accepted.  If your Insurance won’t authorize because of their contracting with a sub-par vendor, we offer a low Self Pay Price.

Do you need a sleep test?  WHY WAIT!!!  Let you physician know that you would like to have an AXG Sleep Diagnostics Home Sleep Test.  Print out our referral form in the right sidebar and get one step closer to improving the quality of your life.

Founded by the creator of,, and the content creator for the YouTube Channel TheLankyLefty27, AXG Sleep Diagnostics LLC is the best Sacramento Home Sleep Test available.