AXG vs. In-Lab

How is our Comprehensive Home Sleep Study different from an in lab study?

Very simply put, there is nobody watching you while you sleep.

Watched While You Sleep

 We both record:

  • EEG:  For brain activity.  Tells us if you’re awake or asleep and what stage of sleep you’re in.

  • EOG:  Eye Movements.  Helps us determine what stage of sleep you’re in.

  • EMG (Legs):  Tells us if you have Periodic Limb Movement Disorder or Restless Leg Syndrome.

  • EMG (Chin):  Assists with Sleep Staging and whether or not you have bruxism (teeth grinding) while you sleep.

  • EKG:  We can see if you have normal sinus rhythm or if there are some irregular beats.

  • Airflow:  We can see every breath you take throughout the recording and whether or not there are any abnormalities.  We even detect and report RERAs (Respiratory Effort Related Arousals)  Many sleep labs don’t take these into account.  Without these being scored, Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome can go undiagnosed and untreated.

  • Effort Belts:  We can measure your respiratory drive with these.

  • SpO2:  We measure your blood oxygen levels throughout the recording.

  • Body Position:  We can tell if your sleep is better or worse in certain sleeping positions.

  • Snoring Sensor:  We can visually see snoring with this sensor.

With all this data, AXG Sleep Diagnostics is able to compile a comprehensive report of your sleep throughout the night in your natural sleeping environment.  An in lab study isn’t able to do this.

What exactly does our data look like?

Page from AXG Home Sleep Study Recording

Page from AXG Home Sleep Study Recording


 How does this Compare to an In-Lab Sleep Study Page?

Sample Page from In Lab Sleep Study

Sample Page from In Lab Sleep Study


AXG Sleep Diagnostics records the exact same channels of an in lab recording.  The major differences are :  nobody is there watching you sleep; and you are in your own home.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any questions:  916-996-0131